5. (ICLA) logo_square.jpg
International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA)
The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) at Yamanashi Gakuin University is a four-year, American style liberal arts college offering a bachelor's degree with majors in Global Business and Economics, Political Science, Interdisciplinary A...
6. Nagoya Univesity 2.jpg
Nagoya University
University Overview Nagoya University, which locates in Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan, is one of the country’s core comprehensive universities. About 10,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students study in Nagoya University. Nagoya University ha...
1. (New-Tsukuba)スクエアロックアップ (2).png
University of Tsukuba
The campus, which prides itself on being the nation’s largest and most beautiful, is at a short distance of 45 minutes from Tokyo, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and offers an environment where you can freely spend much time thin...
9. (KUAS)_Logo (1).png
Kyoto University of Advanced Science
Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) is an accredited private university which was founded in 1969 in Kyoto, Japan. In April of 2020, KUAS established the new Faculty of Engineering, where students can learn about the most advanced technolo...
8. (NUCB)&NBS (1).ai.jpg
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB)
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, the first generation private university in Japan, was founded in 1935 by Yuichi Kurimoto, the first international student to graduate from the University of Alberta in 1930 and the founder of the Kurimoto ...
4. (IUJ) logo.jpg
International University of Japan
International University of Japan (IUJ) is the first graduate university in Japan to offer all courses in English. IUJ is located about 230 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. it takes about 90 minutes to get to the nearest station, Urasa from Toky...
3. (Keio)for Web Ha1.ai.jpg
Keio University
Keio University is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. Founded in 1858, the university has a rich history of academic excellence, with its founder Yukichi Fukuzawa, believing it was vital to modernize Japan’s education for future leaders.  ...
2. (Toyo) Logo.png
Toyo University
Toyo University was founded as a small academy of philosophy in 1887. It was the first university that accepted female students in Japan, and has been a pioneer in distance and international education throughout its history.  Today, Toyo is one...
Nagoya University of Economics
Nagoya University of Economics (NUE) educate the future leaders of Japan and Asia. For over 100 years NUE have been helping our students cultivate the skills of “advanced learning” and “practical application,” critical elements for future success. Its ...


14. (APU) Logo.jpg
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Located in Beppu, Oita in southwestern Japan, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) provides a path to global citizenship through English or Japanese medium undergraduate programs. With a student body that is 45% international and represented by ove...
13. (Ritsumeikan).jpg
Ritsumeikan University
Ritsumeikan University is part of the ""Top Global University Project"" funded by the Japanese government, leading the globalization of Japanese higher education. Today, more than 36,000 students are studying and conducting research...
Musashino University
Musashino University is an institution steeped in history and tradition and is poised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2024. With roots that can be trace back to the spirit of Buddhism, the university has evolved in tandem with the ch...
11.(Tokyo)logo (1).jpg
The University of Tokyo -PEAK
Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK) at the University of Tokyo, our first undergraduate degree program conducted in a language other than Japanese, was established in October 2012.  Currently, there are two different courses of study ava...


22. (JICE)JDS新ロゴ2 (1).png

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)

- What is JDS Project?

Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) offers 2-year Master’s courses at Japanese Universities in English. This project targets young government officials and others who are expected to contribute to the development of the country.

- Introduction Video of JDS Project :

- Introduction for Applicants from Uzbekistan :

- Framework and Accepting University :

*Application period is closed.

21. (EOJ)Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan new + name.png

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho, MEXT) Scholarship program (Embassy Recommendation)

Choose your category:

1. >>MEXT Scholarship for 2025 (Guide)
        About the scholarship
        Details about the MEXT program:
        Address and contacts of the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

2. >>Research Student  (Master’s and PhD degree)
3. >>Undergraduate Student (Bachelor’s degree)
4. >>Japanese Studies Student (to study Japanese language and culture for one year in Japan)
5. >>Teacher Training Student (to conduct research on school education for one and a half year)